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About Us

We are a Indore based technology company that can provide bespoke software to deliver crucial digital transformation for your business. We are technology lovers. We are lean and mean. We help your competitors go out of business. We help you save costs by automation. Technology disrupts businesses more than competitors today. Now and then a disruptive technology comes along and sweeps away the systems and inefficient habits. Megatrends are reshaping the world we live in and generating disruptions impacting every organisation in every sector. Don't get caught out. Let us help with your projects.

Software development is a combination of engineering and art. We believe that timing, speed of delivery and quality - all are equally important. Our promise to you:

  • Valuable insights on your tech roadmap.
  • In-time delivery.
  • Within the budget agreed - if requirements won't change, budget won't change either.
  • Fully tested quality solution. Robust, efficient and will also cater to your scalability requirements.
  • All communications will be done between key contacts only. With many people involved, the risk of misinterpreting, mistranslating or misunderstanding requirements are high.

Are you a Startup looking for a technical co-founder?

If you are looking for a tech co-founder who can turn your idea into a big tech business, we offer a partnership program.
We will act as your technical co-founders in return of a small stake in your business.


We offer wide range of software development services that are broadly classified into following categories.

Cloud Consulting Services - strategy & roadmap

Insight-driven thinking and facilitated discussions. We offer expertise in Azure, AWS, CGP and Alibaba cloud.

Cloud Migration, Design & Implementation

Delivery of a specific cloud technology solution and workflow with application of technical best practices.

Distributed Systems

Delivering systems that can grow with your business. Monoliths are no more sufficient for fast-paced businesses that like to be in charge.

Business Apps

Softwares are like fuel for any business these days. We provide consulting & application development services for your business.

Mobile Apps

Connect your business with on-the-go customers, increase visibility, reinforce your brand and cultivate customer loyalty.

Web Apps

Your business applications on the web - accessible from anywhere on wide range of devices, easier installation and maintenance and increased security.

IoT/Software Hardware Integration/Embedded Systems

Enhance your business processes, cut human interaction, increase asset utilization and enhance the overall quality of business service.

Database & Analytics

Whatever your business is, it is surely generating lots of data. If you can manage it properly you can leverage it for your benefit, else it is just another folder in your filing cabinet that will never be used again.

Enterprise Software Integration

Every business today uses many softwares. We can make these softwares talk to each other by creating an organization-wide communication backbone, thus decreasing workloads.

Rapid Prototyping

You've got that great Idea and you want to see it taking shape quickly. We can get you there by delivering quick prototypes. These are often not production grade, but will help you visualize your end product.

IT Outsourcing

We can provide you with a dedicated or shared team for your IT work. We can even provide you with a mix of engineers based in India and offshore to keep your cost down.

Project Recovery

This is another thing we excel in and we will love to help you navigate to your final destination. Contact us with details of your failed projects and we promise, we will do our best to rescue it. You might be just few steps from success.

Why choose us?

In short, it will cost you a lot less in short term and in long term too. You get professional quality work and your money goes further.

Allow us to tell you our background. We are an organization of pure software professionals. No hierarchy, no politics. We have previously worked in demanding sectors like Investment Banks, Hedge funds and Retail and 100% of our clients are happy with our work. This company is born out of our passion to deliver great work.

However, we do not ask you to make your decision based solely on that. Read some concerete benefits below which will help you decide:

Free Onsite Project Appraisal

Contact us with a brief description of your work. We will get back to you with our availability and schedule something that suits both of us and together we will do a detailed project appraisal at your location. This will help us understand the scope of work and you will get to know the cost of the finished product. This won't cost you a penny.

We Think Long Term

We need a happy customer more than anything. We offer free support for our softwares for different lengths of time that vary by projects.

Cost Effective Development Models

We have a teams in India and abroad that allows us to create an optimum mix of team members based on complexity of the project. This optimises the cost of the entire project. We want to keep your cost as low as possible at the same time not compromising with quality of work and ease of communication.




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Do not hesitate to give us a call or write us an email with a brief description of your project. Do not worry if the idea is not refined yet, we can work on it together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to most frequently asked questions about us is given below. Don't hesitate to shoot us an email using the form below if you have any other specific question.